Peyote with a twist (not crochet)

Gerlinde Lenz created a new technique in which you can simulate a bead rope made with crochet. It is called Peyote with a twist.
I made this necklace in this great technique.
If you want to make this necklace yourself you use the free instructions I made. It is not a perfect pattern but it will give you an idea on how it is made. You need to have some experiance with this technique. You can find some instruction videos on You Yube on how to do Peyote with a twist. among otheres by Jill Wiseman.

You can find the pattern here (follow the link and click the link on the next page you are sent to): Sample Necklace by akke Jonkhof

Zoli Duos

Up until now I made 2 bracelets with Zoli Duos. The fun thing about these beads is that you have right beads and left beads and in most designs using Zoliduos they both are used.
The first bracelet is called For your eyes only and there is a patern in my shop:
The second bracelet still needs a name and maybe in the future there will be a pattern


Here is another new design from me.
Both versions are made with Fire polished rounds. In the golden version I used the brand new Fire polished Duets, and in the purple version I used etch full vitrail.

The pattern you can find in my shop:

Tinos Romanum

There is another new bead in the bead world Tinos Par Puca.
I have made a bracelet with those lovely new beads.
The pattern for this bracelet is a exclusive free pattern for the online beads shop DiMarca-Online
You can get the pattern for free if you purchase 10 grams of Tinos par Puca at DiMarca Online

Galaxy Necklace

I love to trie all new bead shape some of them I like to use over and over again. One of them are the CzechMate Crecents. I also love Swarvski Crystal mesh to work with

I used both in my newest Necklace:






The pattern is available in my shop: