Free pattern for Christmas

A few years ago I made these earrings for Christmas. I received a lot of requests for a pattern.
So here it is.
I made a free pattern for the earrings. A very early Christmas present for all my customers, Face book friends and visitors of my blog

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Design Akke Jonkhof

Pattern for the O bead necklace

I few years ago I made a free pattern for my O bead Necklace.

Unfortunately there were some people having trouble with this necklace. From some people I heard the necklace wrinkled and wasn’t flat. I think the problem is the little differences in the colour coatings of the O beads. Now I made this necklace again using a different threadpath. My necklace was nice and flat so I think I solved the problem.

Here is my new free pattern for the O bead necklace

Free necklace Pattern Akke Jonkhof

free O bead pattern necklace by Akke Jonkhof