Pattern for the O bead necklace

I few years ago I made a free pattern for my O bead Necklace.

Unfortunately there were some people having trouble with this necklace. From some people I heard the necklace wrinkled and wasn’t flat. I think the problem is the little differences in the colour coatings of the O beads. Now I made this necklace again using a different threadpath. My necklace was nice and flat so I think I solved the problem.

Here is my new free pattern for the O bead necklace

Free necklace Pattern Akke Jonkhof

free O bead pattern necklace by Akke Jonkhof

10 thoughts on “Pattern for the O bead necklace

  1. I am one of those whose O bead necklace twisted and was good for nothing and so was one of my bead friend’s. We wondered why this happened and thought it was through the round beads we used. I used faceted ones. I will try to make the same beads and the new method of sewing now and will see. Thanks for sharing 🙂 Have a nice weekend.

  2. Thank you for the nice pattern! Could you please tell me the color of the blue pinch beads? And were can I buy them? Thank you very much.

    • I have used Mettalic suede blue pinch beads, I think if you google them you can find a shop in your country

  3. I love this pattern and it was very generous of you to share it. I am having a little problem. I think it is step 2 that we repeat not 3.

    Pick up 1B, 1A, 1B, 1 A and pass back through the second hole, Pick up 1 C and pass through the second hole of the A you started this step from

    pass back thru the second hole of what bead?

  4. There are many different size O beads in US. Can you tell me what size you used and where you got them. Color of pinch beads and duos please. Absolutely love your colors. Thank You,
    Donna Fitzgerald

    • Hi Donna,
      for this necklace you need: Mettalic suede blue pinch beads,
      2x4mm Chalk White Amber Matted o beads, White met Blue Luster super duos and 4mm round beads silky gold


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