More O bead design with Free pattern

Simple necklace and bracelet with O beads and pinch beads. I love the subtle grey orange of the O beads in this set.
The bracelet is also wearable for men.

At the end of this post you can find the free pattern of the necklace

O bead necklace

O bead necklace

O bead bracelet

O bead bracelet

free-O-bead-pattern-necklace-by-Akke-Jonkhof (1)

20 thoughts on “More O bead design with Free pattern

  1. Thanks so much for this free pattern! I found that powerpro thread worked better because it wasn’t as slippery as the KO thread, and I needed to go through the beads in the middle and inside twice. I also found that the necklace hung better with 4mm firepolish beads than it did with round beads. I love my new necklace!

    • er staat een link hierboven dat zegt Free O bead necklace tutorial.
      Op de hoofdpagine bovenaan staat een link naar meerdere gratis patronen

  2. hi. I’ve tried making the necklace. your picture shows it nice and round. mine ruffles when I lay it down. I can’t get a nice circle to go around my neck. I’m using all the beads you indicated. my friend made the necklace and had the same problem. can you give me a hint as to what is wrong?

    thanks! and thanks for sharing!!!

    • Hi lena,
      Problem with this necklace is the tension, It is difficult to get that right

  3. Your designs are the most beautiful I have seen! I am a beginner, so I hope this is not a stupid question: I want to make the O Bead Bracelet, but did not see the pattern. Do I just use the pattern for the O Bead Necklace and put the pinch beads on both sides? Thank you!

    • You can make the bracelet with the same pattern as you can make the necklace. Replace the round bead for a pinch bead

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